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almost 4 years ago

Important - Additional UDIDs for Judging Your Entries! Please update!


As discussed in earlier posts, we have additional UDIDS that all entries must be available to in order to be judging for prizes. Please make your entry available to the following android and iphones for judging.

Please note that if you do not make your app accessible to these devices for judging, your entry will be disqualified.

For SAMSUNG S5 phones and Android apps:

ASSET # 100347 797b11dd01f6e84a9faae24ed545d47dc6aca900 

ASSET # 98247 215df73cc7db570c9cb04b958624496c5019b731

For iPhones and iPhone apps:

ASSET # 101260 9900 0491 1651 184 

ASSET # 101259 9900 0495 3900 366

Thank you!
The Challenge Team