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almost 4 years ago

One Week Left for the Opioid Recovery App Challenge and Tips on Submission

Good Morning Innovators!

There is only one week left to submit your app! Don’t forget: 

If you’re submitting an Android application: you must include the Android APK file and any other associated files needed to run the app or a link to the app in the Google Play store;

If you’re submitting an IOS application:

If your Application is available on the iTunes App Store provide a link in the “Website URL” field on “Enter a Submission” form. If you charge a fee for downloading your Application, you must provide a promo code.

If your Application is not yet publicly available on the iTunes App Store, you must send a test build to the Administrator before the end of the Hackathon Submission Period using one of the following methods: the iOS App file registered to the reviewers unique device ID (UDID), the sponsor will provide UDIDs upon request - to request, email

For more details see: OR, the applicant will provide a link to the app in the Apple iTunes store;

or contestants can use:

Beta by Crashalytics: You may send the Administrator a beta test via Crashalytics. Use the Administrator’s testing email ( and UDID’s (Sponsor will provide UDIDs upon request) to provision a build and send the Administrator a link via the “Share Links” button. Add the testing link to the Enter a Submission form under “iOS Build Link”. Beta by Crashalytics is a free service. Please review the for their Beta Distribution tool.

Diawi: Send the beta file via Diawi. After uploading your file, Diawi creates a unique short URL to access the installation page (for ex: aBcDeF). When opened in Safari on the iOS device, the page will display a link to install the application. Note that you will need to include provisioning for one or more of the UDIDs the sponsor will provide upon request. To request UDIDs email

If you’re submitting a web or HTML5 mobile web: provide a link to a website where the application can be accessed free of charge.

Thanks for all of your hard work!