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almost 4 years ago

Making a Good Submisison Video

Hello out there!

We know you're focused on building a great Opioid Recovery App, but we don't want you to forget about your submission video. It’s a requirement of your submission and will be the first thing that judges review, so we have a few tips about how to create a good one. 

A good video tells the story behind your submission, providing a clear and concise explanation of what your app does, and how its features meet the requirements of this Challenge. Establish your elevator pitch. In the first few seconds of your video, explain why your app is so good. Make the opening seconds of your video have the impact of a movie trailer or TV ad: grab your audience’s interest and don’t let go.

Show, don't tell. Demonstrate your app's functionality and features through screencasts.

Explain what the app does and how it works to help judges understand and appreciate your product design.

Practice out the “ums.” You probably want to write out a script of what you’ll say (and do) in your video then rehearse it before you record it. Note your timing and make sure it comes in under 5 minutes.

Don't wait until the last minute to upload your video. Uploading takes time! Due to file size, format, and your Internet connection, uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Don’t be disqualified because you didn’t upload the video on time.

First time making a video? Check out this list of screencasting tools.

And…. that’s a wrap! Good luck!