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almost 4 years ago

Tips on What We're Looking For


We’re one month into the Challenge submission period. Thanks again for your interest in creating an Opioid Recovery App. By now you are well underway in developing your app. There are some basic things to keep in mind as you work on your product: 

The end user is receiving outpatient medication-assisted treatment. That means that they live at home and go to a clinic or physician’s office to receive their medication and counseling. Typically, they are also receiving some other form of care related to their opioid use disorder – like peer support or treatment for another health condition. They may be juggling family life, employment, and legal issues as they work on maintaining their recovery.

We want you to think of the whole person as you develop the app. Will the app help them manage their recovery more efficiently by providing information they need when they need it in an easy to use format? Does the design allow for use in public settings without disclosing anything they wouldn’t want others to know? Is the information delivered in digestible portions? Does the app allow for easy data input of motivations, triggers, and relapse prevention?

We’re relying on your creativity and skill to come up with something easy to use that someone in recovery can utilize over and over regardless of the setting they find themselves in.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. Good luck!