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about 4 years ago

Think About Your End User

Howdy Hackers!

An important component of developing a product is understanding the end user so that you can design a solution that serves and addresses their particular needs. We provided use cases, but there are more examples of the end user available online. We’ve compiled links to a few examples, just in case you want to get to know more about real people in recovery. Please note: Inclusion of these links does not imply SAMHSA’s endorsement of the content.

SAMHSA’s Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Family Education Videos

This playlist features interviews of people in recovery and their loved ones. Though not focused on opioids, they are a good resource.

The Boston Globe, December 6, 2015, The End of Hitting Rock Bottom

Lohud: The Journal News: Recovering Heroin Addict Describes His Struggles

NJTV: Young People in Recovery

Worcester Magazine, July 17, 2014: One man’s fight to overcome opiate addiction

Looking forward to seeing your apps and how they help people in recovery from opioid use disoder!